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Kamaron Chats with Kevin Spacey & the “Elvis and Nixon” Cast

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From time to time famous people like to sit with me to discuss their upcoming projects from movies to music releases — well at least that’s what I tell myself haha. This time around I sat with the cast of Elvis and Nixon in downtown New York City to talk about their portrayal of a bizarre meeting between Elvis Presley and former President Richard Nixon.

The film stars Kevin Spacey, Michael Shannon, Johnny Knoxville, Alex Pettyfer, and Colin Hanks. In the interview, Kevin tells me that he took “presidential M&Ms” from the White House and I even ask the guys who Elvis would vote for in 2016. Check out the interview below and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more exclusive chats. Peace and love.


Kevin Spacey Tells Kamaron He Stole M&M’s from the White House