Author: Kamaron Leach
Kamaron Leach, founder and editor in chief of, is a television personality and entertainment journalist currently residing in New York, NY. He frequently appears as an entertainment correspondent and host for various multimedia platforms in NYC. Known for his professional work ethic, charming personality, and approachability amongst Hollywood’s biggest stars, Kamaron has continued to excel throughout the entertainment industry. He attained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism and Economics from Howard University. For more information follow him on Instagram & Twitter: @Kamaron!

At the top of this week, I sat down with Golden Globe Award winner and Academy Award nominee Taraji P. Henson to discuss her upcoming film ‘Proud Mary’. The film stars Henson playing the role of a hit woman working for an organized crime organization based in Boston. ‘Proud Mary’ is set to be released […]

It’s the holiday season and one thing I truly enjoy about holidays is the spirit of giving. With that said, has partnered with FOX and Allied Integrated Marketing for an advance screening of the highly-anticipated television series 9-1-1 on December 13th in New York City. The series isn’t scheduled to premiere on television until January 3rd, 2018. Created […]

This Story First Appeared On Mergers & Acquisitions, Original Reporting By Kamaron Leach. Netflix Inc.’s (Nasdaq: NFLX) first company acquisition may have a lasting effect on the media landscape for years to come. The digital streaming network’s purchase of Millarworld, brings Mark and Lucy Millar into the fold with their comic book publishing company. Financial […]