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‘Dear White People’ Cast Talks Being Compared To ‘A Different World’ & ‘The Carmichael Show’

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Netflix’s content library is seemlessly reaching unmatched levels and the trend seems to continue going with its latest television adapation of the 2014 film titled Dear White People. This new series, written and directed by Justin Simien, is the latest series drawing everyone’s attention to the streaming platform.

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The first season of Netflix’s adaptation stars Logan Browning and Brandon P. Bell, with Marquee Richardson and Ashley Blaine-Featherson returning from the film adaptation.

Simien, who also wrote the booksat down with entertainment reporter Kamaron Leach to discuss the timeliness of the new series and being compared to other television shows. Simien says the Dear White People series has been compared to television staples such as: A Different World, The Carmichael Show and more.

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Kamaron Leach | Kamaron Leach