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Kamaron Reveals Top 5 Films of 2017 on ABC7’s ‘Let’s Talk Live’ Morning Show

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The final week of 2017 was a week of excitement and joy. From spending Christmas with family in my hometown of Atlanta, to flying back to New York and heading down to the nation’s capital to wrap up the year doing what I love – I’m more than thankful. For those who might’ve missed my segment on ABC7-WJLA’s ‘Let’s Talk Live’ morning show in Washington, D.C., I joined show hosts Kidd O’Shea and Molly Cochran to discuss the best films of 2017!

I kicked off last year with a vision and goal of getting more TV reps and that’s surely what happened thanks to my colleagues and friends in the business. As 2018 has arrived, you should anticipate seeing me doing much more of this as time progresses.

As for my Top 5 Films of 2017, awards season is here so take a look at my segment below to get a whiff of some of the movie title you should expect to hear more of in the coming weeks. I hope you enjoy the segment and let me know your top films of the year in the comments below or on YouTube! Be sure to subscribe, like and share the video as well.