At the top of this week, I sat down with Golden Globe Award winner and Academy Award nominee Taraji P. Henson to discuss her upcoming film ‘Proud Mary’. The film stars Henson playing the role of a hit woman working for an organized crime organization based in Boston. ‘Proud Mary’ is set to be released in theaters Friday, January 12th and also stars veteran actor Danny Glover.

To be honest, this was a special interview for me. One, Taraji also graduated from Howard University as did I. However, what really made it a moment… was meeting her my freshman year of my undergraduate studies. I met Taraji at Howard in 2011 during the university president’s Charter Day dinner reception in Washington, D.C.

For me to still have the photo of that moment and refresh her memory of the day, was a full-circle moment. To hear her say that she’s proud of me for “doing [big] things out here,” and to later reveal that she’s watching me and following me on social media was an amazing feeling. Sometimes knowing, and also hearing, that your work is being noticed and well-received is comforting.

Check out the extended cut of the interview below, and be sure to hit the movie theaters to see ‘Proud Mary’ on Friday, January 12th!


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