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Whether you’re a binge watcher of television or planning to hit the movie theatres with a significant other, this is the home for my reviews of the most talked about movies and television shows coming to a screen near you. (P.S. I could save you a trip and a $15 movie ticket.)

If you’ve been keeping up with Kamaron on social media (Twitter and Instagram), you might’ve seen a glimpse of the Creed 2 premiere in New York City. The red carpet event brought out a plethora of Hollywood favorites, including cast members Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson and Dolph Lundgren — as well as […]

If you have not yet seen promotion for Gerard Butler and 50 Cent’s upcoming movie, called ‘Den of Thieves’, then you’re either not subscribed to my weekly newsletter or you’re just living under a rock. Fortunately, readers have the opportunity to go see an advanced screening of the film this week. ‘Den of Thieves’  […]